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3 comments to ''Due Diligence Forum"

  1. Hi Fox, and everyone else, Fox thank you for all the great articles you did on TRXC. You really were the starting point of my D&D. Then to jump off from your links just made the journey super easy. I swear after each read I think I added another thousand shares. Got a boatload now.
    Let me run something by you guys. What do you think about ISRG being the company that buys out Trans? Everyone keeps saying J&J/Google (Verb), but ISRG's patents run out this year, and wouldn't they just love to have Trans Haptic patents?
    Also I looked into Dr. Frost and did you know every company he started up he went on to sell. Definitely a pattern there. Not saying it's a done deal here, but it's a possibility. To me a buy out is
    "Worse case" scenario at 30-50 LOL, I'd rather watch them build out the sales cycle into the hundreds.
    Also can you explain the price action to me last week? I'm kinda new at this. I mean volume and price went thru the roof thinking FDA approval I guess right? So why the sell of and low volume last 2 days? Nothing has changed has it? Unless something has leaked out.
    I'm not totally naive so I think this is big money just manipulating the price where they want it? Back to $5 so now they have all they want, and I'm thinking Monday we should hear about FDA?
    One last thing. What kind of jump do you see after FDA? I don't know if we get any ALF-X sales because as of 3-3-16 CCall Pope had said none were sold yet leaving them one month in quarter to sell any.
    Thanks again for all your help, Steve

  2. Is there an update to The Fox's TRXC position given the recent FDA rejection?